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4 Tips for Planning Wedding Transportation

Lots of details go in to planning a wedding. One aspect that often does not get the attention it

deserves is transportation. Booking the right transportation can help relieve any stress over the

arrival of guests, the bridal party, and of course, ensuring the bride and groom have time to

relax in luxury. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when booking your wedding


Have a Budget

Details quickly add up when planning a wedding, from the flowers to the dress and everything

in between. The transportation sets an overall tone for the wedding. When you work with a

limo service, you will be able to book exactly what you need for your bridal party when you

need it, and you can determine exactly what vehicles fit into your overall budget.

Know Who Will be in the Limo

Do you want the whole bridal party to ride with you and your partner to the ceremony?

Do you want some time alone with your new spouse after you say “I Do”?

Do you want to book a party bus for after the ceremony so that you and your closest friends

have some time to enjoy a more intimate party before going to the reception?

Ensure you book transportation that is the appropriate size for the kind of experience you

picture for your wedding day. Also, do not forget all the festivities before the actual day. A

major wedding trend these days is planning a joint bachelor/bachelorette event on a party bus

that allows your wedding party to have a great time without having to worry about the issues

associated with transportation. Do not forget the rehearsal dinner, too! Knowing all your events

will help you book exactly what you need when you need it.

Consider Any Additional Transportation

When you are booking your wedding day vehicles, it is also a good time to think about other

types of transportation you will need.

Will out-of-town guests need to be picked up at the airport?

Will anyone need to be dropped off at their hotel after the reception?

You can hire vehicles to take care of family members and guests and ensure no one has to

worry about arriving on time to the festivities or making it back to their accommodations safely.

It Is All in the Details

When it comes to planning all the transportation needs for a busy wedding week, the name of

the game is convenience. You will want to find a service that can provide all the vehicles you

need for the week. A limo service that can access a full fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles for all

your wedding week needs is best. The last thing a busy bride needs to worry about is which

limo service was picking up the Florida cousins at the airport on Tuesday night and which one

had a party bus large enough for the wedding party.

When it comes to your once in a lifetime day, you will want everything to be perfect. Take a

moment and imagine how you will feel when you step into a luxurious limousine with your new

spouse on your wedding day. It will be the perfect chance to relax in marital bliss with your

partner, take a breather before the party begins, feel incredibly special and regal, and celebrate

by popping some champagne! Cheers to that!

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5 Tips for Planning a Brewery Tour

With the intensity of Covid-19 slowly retreating (finally!) and the beauty of autumn on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to once again joining small groups of family and friends and cure the “Covid cooped up blues”. A great way to reconnect is by gathering a small group of close companions together for a group outing, and Fall is the perfect time to gather your friends and explore some hit local breweries and craft beer distilleries. Not only will you get to enjoy some much-needed quality time with your pals, you will also be doing your part to support local businesses just getting back on their feet from quarantine.

Here are our go-to tips for planning a perfect brewery tour and earning some epic bragging rights (and pictures!) for a day to remember.

1. Create the Guest List 

Select a handful of your closest friends that get along with others in mixed settings and who can also drink responsibly. You’ll want to make sure you keep the guest list to people who can pace themselves well as you explore the best breweries your area has to offer.

2. Leave the Driving to a Professional 


Quarantine kept you and your pals from enjoying your usual spring and summer outings and get togethers. The last thing you will want to have to worry about now that you are all back together is who is the designated driver, especially for a brewery tour. Booking a professional transportation service ensures you and your guests will have a top-tier experience with an experienced chauffeur in safe, clean and comfortable vehicles designed specifically for group enjoyment (not to mention getting some of those awesome pics to share on your Insta feed!)

3. Choose your destination 

Once you know who's attending, it's time to select what type of beer tour you want. Many luxury transportation companies offer brewery tour packages to help you organize a schedule and work out logistics for the group. You can also ensure you plan a day trip that will allow you to maximize your time and enjoy a scenic ride that will enhance the experience in between distillery stops.

4. Select a playlist that sets the mood of the trip 

What's a brewery tour without great music? Create a theme for the trip and select your music accordingly. The journey between breweries will be nothing short of entertaining if you pick music that has some special meaning for you and your friends, and sets the tone for a great day of good friends, good food, and good brews.

5. Plan to sample the local cuisine


What goes with great tasting beer? Wings, brats, and pizza, of course! Do your research and see what restaurants are near your brewery and make reservations for your party or ask your chauffeur if they have any tips for planning some great food stops to compliment your day of great beer and friends.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you plan a “back from quarantine” day that you and your friends will remember for years to come, and maybe even start a new annual tradition! Book a one-of-a-kind brewery tour experience in a town near you today!

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Why You Need a Chauffeured Vehicle This Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many. Some like it for the foliage, others for the weather, and countless for pumpkin spice lattes. No matter the reason for it being your favorite season, a limo can get you to where you want to be to enjoy it. Even with our current restricted environment, fall can still provide some meaningful memories for you and your closest friends. Here are some of our favorite fall activities:

Beer Festivals

They don’t call it “Oktoberfest” for nothing! Fall is often a time for craft breweries to feature new or specialty brews in tandem with Autumn’s equally-amber coloring. Oktoberfest at various locations which takes place in October/November is a great opportunity to get a group together and not have to worry about a designated driver, but even if many of those festivals are a “no-go” with Covid, you can still adapt by getting a small group of friends together for a day trip to a brewery visit. With a chauffeured driven vehicle, you can receive premium service even between destinations and rest assured you will arrive at designated locations on time for your convenience.

Sporting Events

For sports fans, Fall is synonymous with one thing: football and hockey season. Now that the Big 10 has decided to reinstate fall sports, ticket holders returning to games will feel at ease tackling gameday traffic in a vehicle that knows the best route and has the most comfortable accommodations. However, whether it’s dropping you off at the tailgate at the stadium or enjoying a small outing to watch your favorite sport with friends at a local pub, a limo will pick you and your friends up after the game accordingly to avoid the mass rush to the parking lot and pricey parking fees.

Halloween Parties

We’re just thinking ahead, but Halloween is definitely one of the most fun holidays to celebrate. An abundance of Halloween parties and themed bar crawls await you in every neighborhood. Or, are you organizing your own? Having a limo escort your group to and from the party will keep everyone together – and safe! Professional drivers will work with you on a schedule that keeps pace with your event.

Fall Weddings

Fall is often one of the most popular seasons for weddings for the temperate weather and natural, colorful panoramas. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, guests can also still enjoy the festivities in the comfort of heated, entertainment filled vehicles. Professional chauffeurs coordinate with photographers and are ready to recommend spots for the perfect shot, and most will have planned out the best route based on your expectations to make sure your wedding party arrives on location on time.

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