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5 Reasons to Book a Party Bus this Fall

Party buses have become the latest trend in a night out on the town and are so much more than just transportation. Party bus rentals are known for being nightclubs on wheels, complete with wet bars, incredible sound systems, dance floors, laser lights, flat screen TVs, and more. Party buses come in many sizes and usually fit between 8 and 40+ passengers!

Here are 5 reasons you should consider a party bus rental for your next event or special outing with friends.

1) Convenience

When you make plans that requires transportation for a larger group of people, it can be difficult to travel together or hop to different locations. Organizing multiple vehicles or rideshares can be frustrating, especially when dealing with things such as traffic and parking. When you rent a party bus, all these inconveniences go away. Everyone can travel together to the event or multiple destinations without any challenges.

Party buses come with a professional chauffeur who will pick you at your preferred location and take you to every spot you desire. Whether it’s a special event, restaurant, bar, club, show etc. your party bus driver will wait for you to take you to your next location or bring you back safely when you are done having a great evening out.

What’s more, nothing beats party buses when it comes to comfort. Party buses are roomy and vary in size to accommodate most any sized group comfortably. Many party buses even come with bathrooms.

2) Safety / Eliminate Driving Concerns

One of the main concerns people have when planning a night out is often how to get home afterwards. Nobody wants to worry about drinking and driving and putting lives in jeopardy. When you rent a party bus for your group there is no need for a designated driver and you’re ensuring everyone’s safety when traveling to and from your destinations. Every party bus rental is driven by a professional, licensed and insured chauffeur who will transport you and your group wherever you desire and home safely afterwards. With a party bus rental everyone gets to have as much fun.

The health and safety concerns related to Covid-19 are also marginalized with chauffeured transportation. With a rideshare, you can never be sure if safe cleaning protocols are being utilized in between rides, and most rideshare vehicles are actually the personal family vehicle of the driver, so you can never be sure what the vehicles have been used for prior to your night out. Conversely, party buses thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in between groups, and are strictly used for commercial transportation, so you can rest assured you are getting the cleanest, safest ride possible for you and your friends.

3) Economical

When going to an event with a large group or planning a day/night out to celebrate a special occasion, party buses can be very economical compared to other options. It is common for groups to pitch in on a party bus so that they can all travel together, and when you do the math, many times a party bus is less than the total cost would be for everyone to pay for individual transportation with a rideshare. Plus the value packed into a party bus rental is unsurpassed when you factor in things like entertainment, safety and convenience which you can’t put a price on.

4) Party On Wheels

A party bus is known as the party that goes where you go. The best part about reserving a party bus is that you don’t have to wait to arrive at your venue to start having a good time. A party bus allows you to get the party started the moment your ride picks you up. But you don’t need any special event to enjoy a party bus because a party bus can be the venue too. This means you get to party while on the move. This makes party buses perfect for club or bar hopping, wine and beer tastings or having a memorable night on the town.

5) Impress Your Friends

What better way to make a lasting impression than to celebrate a special occasion or travel with friends to a concert or sporting event in an exciting party bus? Impressing your friends with a non typical outing is a great way to throw a memorable party. When you rent a party bus you can be sure that your guests will be talking about your party for a long time.

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